Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bible Challenge: Read the Entire Bible in Just One Year - Begins Sun Jan 6

To some, the Bible is a sacred text while to others, even as skeptics, it is still an integral part of the culture. While many people claim that the Bible is the most important book in the world, many have never read it! Trinity Episcopal Church is inviting the Amador and neighboring communities to change that. Trinity is inviting the community to take “The Bible Challenge” – a way to read the entire Bible in only one year. It begins on Epiphany Sunday, January 6, 2013.

Whatever one's faith tradition, it can be expanded and illuminated by reading the Bible. It is a big book of several parts – the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament) and the New Testament (which is about Jesus Christ). Any Bible or version can be successfully used in “The Bible Challenge.”

“The Bible Challenge” offers an accessible schedule of reading two or three Old Testament chapters, one Psalm and one chapter from a New Testament book each day, in order, requiring approximately 15-30 minutes per day. While it is possible to get behind in readings, all are encouraged to catch up a bit at a time and not to give up the challenge.

Trinity Church will have an optional blessing of any Bibles brought to be used during “The Bible Challenge” on January 6, 2013 (Epiphany) at the regular 8:30 and 10:30 services. Day 1 of the readings begin on Monday, January 7. Since some parts of the Bible can appear very difficult or intimidating, there is a companion set of one-page daily meditations, contributed by Bible scholars from around the world, to help put some ideas into contexts that are useful for 21st century readers.

Anyone interested in being more knowledgeable of the Bible is invited to participate with Trinity in this spiritual and educational experience. It is not necessary to be a member or to attend church services. Just contact Trinity to request a reading schedule – free. Name and contact information are requested in order to provide follow-up supports as they come available – NOT requests for money or home visits. Trinity would like to know how many people in the Amador and surrounding community are reading the Bible together. A complete form is below.

The daily meditations to accompany readings are an asset and are available in book form ($18 from Forward Movement Publications, or they may be downloaded a week’s worth of meditations at a time – at no charge – from the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California website at www.norcalepiscopal.org/thebiblechallenge.
“The Bible Challenge” and daily reading schedule are the brainchild of the Rev. Marek Zabriskie, rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Fort Washington, PA. It is being adopted by the entire Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, led by the Bishop Barry L. Beisner, as a collaborative spiritual effort for 2013. For more information about The Bible Challenge or The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, please visit www.norcalepiscopal.org or e-mail biblechallenge@norcalepiscopal.org.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sermon by Pastor Karen F. Siegfriedt: Christ our King: Ruler of Hearts and Minds

Dang good sermon by Pastor Karen of Trinity Episcopal:
Christ our King: Ruler of Hearts and Minds

Christmas Cantata - Dec 15 & 16

A special musical Christmas presentation “Night of the Father’s Love” will be performed the weekend of December 15th and 16th in 4 separate locations.

The first performance will be at Community Church of Pine Grove on Saturday, December 15th at 7pm. The first of three on Sunday, December 16th, will be at Faith Lutheran Church in Pioneer at 10am, the second at Jackson United Methodist Church at 12:30pm, and then the final performance will be at Ione Methodist Church at 3pm.

This one-hour musical program will feature music that will engage and please all ages; 8 songs that include 4 original compositions by composer/ arranger Pepper Choplin, with orchestra scoring by Michael Lawrence and Mark Hayes. Performing the cantata this year will be a 30-member community choir and a 14-piece orchestra, led by Amador County Concert Band director Stephen Chambers of Pioneer.

“This is the fifth year we have done one of these special presentations” said Chambers, “and each year the choir and orchestra has grown in numbers. This particular work is a fun and very beautiful cantata with extremely unique writing…you’ll hear new melodies intertwined with some favorite Christmas music….very enjoyable for the listener….and the audience can sing along in a few places if they like”.  “We are blessed to have so much talent in the area…singers, musicians, and helpers that volunteer their time each year to put together such a wonderful and moving experience…and very grateful also for the churches that have volunteered to host the performances again this year…we can’t wait to perform this special music!”

The performances are free; bring the whole family for this delightful event and enjoy yet another memorable engaging musical experience. Seating is limited, so arrive a few minutes early for good seating. Performances will begin strictly on time!

Contact Faith Lutheran Church at 295-4545 for any further information or if you are interested in participating in the choir!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Trinity Episcopal Women's Luncheon - Sat Dec 1

Trinity Church women will be having its annual luncheon Saturday Dec 1st at the Castle Oaks Golf Course  in Ione.  Cost is $20.00 and tickets will be available for sale the next two Sundays following church, scholarships can be made available.   Call the church at 267-0255 for more information.  All women are invited.  Please bring a friend!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

5th Annual Amador County Thanksgiving Day Feast - Thurs Nov 22

5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Feast
Thanksgiving Day, Nov 22
Amador American Legion Post #109 in Martell/Sutter Hill
FREE all you can eat traditional Thanksgiving dinner! Gifts, clothing, children's events.
All are welcome!
Sponsored by the Amador American Legion, Community Hope and Calvary Chapel.

"A Thrill of Hope" Pre-Advent Retreat - Sat Nov 17

“A Thrill of Hope: Pre-Advent Retreat this Saturday (11/17) from 9AM to 12PM at Trinity Epsicopal Church, Sutter Creek.

Do you need to hear a message of hope?  Do you want to experience more meaning during this Advent-Christmas Season? If so, this gathering is for you.

Men, women, and children are invited to a free pre-advent retreat. Music, scripture, reflections, and more will fill the morning as we slow down together before the busy time of advent. What a wonderful chance to reflect on the light, the gift, and the hope of the season!

Hope to see you on Saturday in the Church Sanctuary. We will begin promptly at 9 AM!
Peace and blessings,

The Rev. Karen F. Siegfriedt - Rector
Trinity Episcopal Church, Sutter Creek CA

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sophia's Well of Wisdom Winter Festival "Birthing a New World" - Sun Nov 25

The theme of our annual Winter Festival on Advent Sunday November 25 is Birthing a New World. The morning session begins at 10:30 with The Mother: Spiritual Midwifery and the Mystery of Birth followed by a Potluck Winter Soup Lunch. The afternoon session focuses on The Child: Developing Bio-Spiritual Senses for a New World ending at 4:30. The virtue study this month is “Transformation”. Sunday Meditation starts at 10:30 and Wisdom Circle at 11:15. Other weekly activities include: Qigong, Sunday 5pm; ACIM study group, Tuesday 7pm; Chi Meditation, Wednesday 6pm and Spiritual Practices 7pm. The interfaith spiritual center is located at 270A Hanford Street in Sutter Creek. Call Rev. Patsy at 209-418-9003 or visit www.sophiaswell.org for more information.

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, D.Min.
270 Hanford Street, Suite A
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Website: www.sophiaswell.org

Hillbilly Hanukkah Celebration - Sat Dec 8

 Whether you spell it Chanukah, Hanukah, or Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish "festival of lights" is celebrated each December.  But unlike Christmas, the dates are even more variable than the holiday’s spelling!  This year, the first night of menorah candle lighting takes place on Saturday night, December 8th.
The Mother Lode Jewish Community (MLJC) will be holding its annual Hanukkah party on the 7th night, Saturday, December 15 at 5 p.m. in Murphys, CA.  This is a casual, fun evening for both adults of all ages and children.  You don’t have to be a member to participate!  If you wish to attend, please call ahead to reserve your place, as space is limited.  There is no charge, but we ask everyone to bring a potluck dish to share.  Volunteers are also needed to help set up and clean up.  We also need a few volunteers to make latkes ahead of time.

If you are interested in attending, please call the Mother Lode Jewish Community at 209-533-1650 or email the MLJC at  motherlodejc@yahoo.com for additional information, reservations and directions.

The MLJC’s mission is to provide opportunities and events that nurture a vibrant and enduring Jewish identity, culture and community in the Mother Lode, drawing members from Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties.  The activity calendar includes at least one activity a month, primarily in the Murphys and Sonora areas.  New members are always welcome.

Prodigal Sons Motorcycle Ministry visits PGYCC

Prodigal Sons Motorcycle Ministry Club from Manteca, California paid a visit to the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp to spread the gospel and share words of wisdom to the youth at the camp. This group has been coming to Pine Grove Camp for at over 10 years. Led by Pastor Dave Blanco, they come twice a year to try to inspire the youth to make positive changes in their lives.

About thirty five motorcycles and cars drove into the camp that afternoon. They set up a band to share some inspirational music with the guys. Several of the visitors shared their testimonies with the youth about the struggles they had gone through, but were able to overcome the obstacles in their path. They shared stories of hope and faith with the youth to show them that it was possible to reach their goals.

A young man who is the grandson of one of the band members came to the camp to share his story. His name is Johnny Maxwell, and he’s currently on the show X Factor vying for a singing career. He sang several songs, and danced along with the crowd. The guys really enjoyed listening to Johnny and learning lots of dancing skills from him.

Everyone had a great time. They sang, danced and talked with the visitors taking in lots of knowledge that they had to share. After the music ended, the youth got to inspect the motorcycles and take photos with them. The kitchen provided a wonderful dinner of double cheeseburgers, fries, brownies and beverages. The great meal was enjoyed while they talked with each other. They will return to Pine Grove Camp in May to share more inspiring words with the youth.

Submitted by:
Mike Roots
Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp
Division of Juvenile Justice
(209) 296-7581

Friday, November 9, 2012

Las Posadas Candlelight Walk - Sat Dec 8

All are cordially invited to participate in the Las Posadas Candlelight Walk in Sutter Creek on Saturday, Dec. 8, rain or shine. This is a re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to rest, complete with a narration of the Christmas story and the singing of familiar carols. The walk begins at 7:00 p.m. on Spanish Street near the Catholic Church, where participants receive candles and programs. The procession winds through downtown Sutter Creek, following Mary on her mule, and ends at the stable outside the Methodist Church. Inside, warm beverages and cookies will be served. This is a lovely, non-commercial way to begin the season of Advent, to enjoy the beauty of Sutter Creek decorated for the season, and to be a part of this annual community event.