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Trinity Tidings - February Newsletter

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Sophia's Well of Wisdom - February Newsletter

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Sophia's Well of Wisdom Newsletter 
Spiritual Wellness for Body & SoulFebruary 2013
Dear Carol,

As is appropriate for February and the inspiration of Valentine's Day, the wisdom theme for this month is The Conscious Heart. On Sunday 2/3 I will host the Wisdom Circle with the topic: The Heart-Mind Connection. Join us for a lively discussion on bridging heart and mind for healthy living. See the February Calendar below for the events this month at "The Well." 

Holistic Health Fair 2013
Although I was the least prepared, this year's Health Fair at the Jackson senior center in January was the best ever. Marilyn Nutter partnered with me at our booth and we had a great time visiting with friends and associates from the community. Thanks Brandy and Michelle from Motherlode Holistic for serving the health and wellness community again this year. 
Health Fair
We offer many types of holistic healing, wellness, and wisdom services at "The Well" Ten new people signed up to receive our monthly newsletter. Welcome!

"The Gathering" Comes to Amador County
It is Love that leads us beyond all fear and into the solitude of our being. ~ Adyashanti

Adyashanti Adyasanti, author of The Way of Liberation, True Mediation, and Emptiness Dancing is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence. Adyasanti's teachings are shared globally in the form of "Gatherings". Mary Yount will be hosting a local Gathering at "The Well" where, after a short meditation, participants will watch a DVD of Adyashanti's teaching. The first Gathering will be on Monday March 4 and on the first Monday of the month thereafter. Mary can be reached at 267-5461 for more information. 

Wisdom, Healing, and Energy Work
I recently read a quotation by an anonymous writer describing his/her feelings about Qigong, which perfectly expresses my experience energy-based moving meditation: Qigong is like making love with the Universe. YES! (Join us for Qigong on Sunday at 5pm and Chi on Wednesday at 6pm. Wonderful!)
Recent studies led me this wonderful excerpt from Empowered Healing by Master Mington Gu of The Chi Center: The chi field is not illusive or abstract. To access the healing power of the chi field we apply a technology we call "organizing or setting" a chi field.
Setting the chi field is a deliberate process of alternating our awareness and attention between the formless, the ocean of light, and the deep interior of our physical body, seeing the wholeness of ourselves including all the energetic, spiritual and physical aspects. As we alternate between focusing on the physical form, and then the formless ocean of light, and vice versa, we encounter the profound understanding that the foundation of all creation is this ocean of light. From this all the physical forms arise and have life.
We begin with good posture and relaxation. Whether we're sitting or standing, we visualize our energy body expanding in all directions. Then we return our attention to relaxing into the energy within us. Next we open, expanding in all directions and then return inwardly, absorbing the infinite resources deep inside, listening to hear (and feel) that sincere inner desire and inner intention. Holding our desire with the group's desire and intention, we open to the group recognizing its unified purpose merging into the ocean of light. Bringing this experience back into our body again, we can feel all of us harmonizing with the chi, alive in a state of Oneness. 
This is the basic outline of the technology of organizing the chi field. The application of this basic outline for different circumstances has profound implications.
Go to www.chicenter.com for more information. 
 Another reading in Ashrams by Torkum Saraydarian: An Ashram is a sphere of energy for future development development and creativity. Whatever is projected into the vision eventually builds the Ashram, the focus of energies, and those energies work eventually to produce or materialize what they have been directed to produce.
Every leadership group and individual must know the science of participating with an Ashram, contributing to the Ashram, and receiving energy and enthusiasm from the Ashram so that eventually the Ashramic vision comes into reality. This is how groups must work. The Tibetan Master tells us that people in the world will eventually be wise enough to resign and renounce from their national, traditional, and religious attachments and characteristics and start thinking in terms of the Divine Plan and Divine Will. Unanimously and simultaneously, they must then do the same meditation. Meditation in this instance means not to sit and think, but to create the Ashram, (pp. 14-15).
Now we know a technology for this work.


Another event that is coming up in March is our second annual Peace Concert with Laurie Story Vela, her son Jeremiah, and Shari Anderson.  Mark your calendars for Sunday March 24 at 2pm.

Thank you for your support in sharing our work to encourage inter-spiritual wisdom, compassion, and healing in our community. All classes, workshops, and concerts are by donation. Holistic healing and spiritual care ministries are fee based with a goal to make services affordable to all. Please forward this email to friends and associates who may be interested in our local ministries. 

Blessings of Abundant Love,
Rev. Dr. Patsy Walker Fine, Minister