Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sophia's Well of Wisdom - June Classes & Events

The spiritual center offers scheduled wellness classes for body and soul including meditation, multi-faith sacred wisdom education, energy-active movement, and spiritual practices. Those on an Independent Spiritual Path will enjoy a community of spiritual friends. The keynote for June is “Fields of Consciousness.” Weekly Sunday Meditation at 10:30am with Wisdom Circle at 11:15am. Drumming Circle on the Second Sunday (6/9) at 1:30pm. Weekly classes: Qigong movement 5pm Sundays; A Course in Miracles study group 7pm Tuesdays; Reiki Undo movement 6pm Wednesdays. Spiritual direction and holistic healing services by appointment. The center is located at 270A Hanford Street in Sutter Creek across from Days Inn. For more information contact Rev. Patsy Walker Fine at 209-418-9003 or visit

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, D.Min.
270 Hanford Street, Suite A
Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sophia's Well of Wisdom - May 2013

Those on an Independent Spiritual Path, often called “Spiritual But Not Religious” (SBNR), will find a community of spiritual friends “at the Well.” Next Sunday, the Wisdom Circle will discuss “Conscious Living”. Weekly Sunday Meditation is at 10:30am with Wisdom Circle at 11:15am. Weekly classes: Qigong movement 5pm Sunday; ACIM study group 7pm Tuesday; Reiki movement 6pm. Wisdom Ways 7pm Wednesday a new class with Rev. Patsy will explore Spiritual Science, Mysticism, and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Special Events in May: Free Healing Clinic 5/18 from 10-4; Festival of Humanity 5/24 at 7pm. The spiritual wellness center is located at 270A Hanford Street in Sutter Creek.  For information contact Rev. Patsy at 209-418-9003 or visit

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, D.Min.
270 Hanford Street, Suite A
Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faith Lutheran Pioneer: "Faith Alive" Day Camp - July 1-5

Music Jamboree at The Healing Word Church - Mon May 27

THE HEALING WORD CHURCH, a Foursquare Gospel Church Pastored by Mary Ann Barcklay. 
Music Jamboree Memorial Day Monday with pot blessing dinner 2:00 PM and music from 3:00 PM ‘til — bring your talent to share.  
Lunch is on-the-house Thursdays between 1:00 & 3:00 PM plus quality clothes at no cost every Thursdays and Friday 1:00 to 3:00 PM. 
We present Bible Studies for men:  Mondays, 7:00 PM; women:  Wednesdays, 1:00 PM; As a collective group:  Wednesdays, 5:30 PM. 
Sunday morning Service begins at 10:30 (open fellowship lunch following). Evening Services begin May 19th at 6:00 PM.  
Office Hours: Thursdays and Fridays 1:00 to 4:30 PM.  Phone:  209-295-8699; email or visit 26675 Tiger Creek Rd., Pioneer at Hwy 88 (old Bank of Amador building). 

Friday, May 3, 2013

NEWSLETTER: Sophia's Well of Wisdom - May 2013

Sophia's Well of Wisdom May 2013 Newsletter
What are you going to do on Mother's Day?  I plan to share a special Mother's Day meditation and talk on Birthing the Conscious Mind to capture the special theme of the creative "mothering" process related to the evolving human consciousness.  
If you are yearning for an inclusive spiritual community that respects the modern independent path of spiritual formation, join us at Sophia's Well of Wisdom. "The Well" is a multi-faith spiritual center devoted to wellness of body, soul, and spirit through psycho-spiritual education, holistic healing work, spiritual care, and community. We especially delight in the integration of Eastern and Western spiritual science and healing modalities. Check out the plans for May below. 

May Calendar Theme:  Human Consciousness

Continuing our 2013 study of "Exploring the Dimensions of Consciousness", May's focus, "Human Consciousness" features the following Wisdom Circle topics: Sub-conscious Mind (5/5) with host Rev. Tracy Johnson, Birthing the Conscious Mind (Mother's Day 5/12) with Rev. Patsy, Conscious Living (5/19) with Rev. Patsy, Supra-conscious Mind (5/26) with host Marilyn Nutter. 

Weekly Sunday Morning Meditation is held at 10:30am; the Wisdom Circle begins at 11:15am. 

Weekly events: Qi Gong movement class at 5pm on Sundays with Shifu Andrew Plitt; A Course in Miracles study group at 7pm on Tuesdays with ACIM teacher Shari Anderson; Reiki Undo moving meditation class at 6pm with Marilyn Nutter; Wisdom Ways at 7pm on Wednesday with Rev. Patsy. 

Monthly Events:  
Adyashanti Gathering on Monday 5/6 with host Mary Yount. Watch a DVD of the teachings of Adyashanti. Download flyer.

Reiki Healing Circle on Wednesday 5/8 at 7pm. Give and receive natural healing with Reiki (spiritual energy).

Special May Events: 
Free Healing Clinic Saturday 5/18 from 10-4. Enjoy a 30-minute clothed Reiki Touch, Reflexology, Qi Massage, or Acupressure session. First come first serve. 

Festival of Humanity Friday 5/24 at 7pm on the full moon of Gemini. Enjoy a brief talk, meditation, poetry reading and reflection, music, and sacred dance for a full-body celebration. 

Contact Rev. Patsy for more information at 209-418-9003. Download May calendar.

WESAK Celebration coming to The Well!
I recently spent a wonderful week in Carefree, AZ at the Spirit in the Desert retreat cent with the TSG Annual Conference. The Intensive Seminar included 4 days of interactive seminar lectures with Gita Saraydarian on the topic Spiritual Chemistry: Proven Methods for Transforming Your Life. The event was the culmination of a six-month group meditation program based on the book Ashrams by Torkum Saraydarian. 

This is the group picture of the conference participants. I'm in the second row, fourth from the right. Gita is the lovely woman in white seated in the center of the first row.

The conference coincides with the full moon of Taurus, also referred to as the Wesak Celebration in the West. (In the East, many Buddhists will celebrate Wesak on May 24 at the full moon of Gemini). In the Wisdom Teaching, Wesak is the ideal time of the year to make contact with one's innermost being and the higher world. It is a good time to release barriers and discover greater purpose and direction in one's life.

During the month of May, I will offer two opportunities to share in this beautiful energy. On Wednesdays at 7pm on May 15, 22, and 29, I will share information about Wesak and the interesting topics covered at the TSG conference. Also on Friday, 5/24 at the full moon of Gemini, we will have a joyous Wesak celebration of the Festival of Humanity also referred to as World Invocation Day, the last of the three Festivals of Wesak. Please let me know if you plan to participate. 

For wonderful opportunities for spiritual science-based meditation and learning visit
Sacred Door Trail
One of my Reiki Ryoho students, Briana Bellamy is a co-organizer for a special event called the Sacred Door Trail. 

"The Sacred Door Trail is the first of its kind in intention - to be an interfaith pilgrimage place for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to go in search of inner discovery and connection to nature. We will be walking this trail with a small, diverse group of individuals, co-creating a stage of inner improvisation and exploration in order to embark on a deep investigation of the nature of our unique selves in the context of the natural world."  

Please visit their website to discover who they are and how you might help them achieve their goal: or contact Briana at

May Blessings,
Rev. Patsy Walker Fine, D.Min.
Spiritual Director, Sophia's Well of Wisdom
CA Certified Massage Therapist #26450
Reiki Master Teacher
Contact Information
Phone: 209-418-9003
Sophia's Well of Wisdom
270 A Hanford Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Mother's Day Gift Certificates! 
Give the special mothers in your life the gift of massage. For the month of May only, purchase a 90-minute gift certificate for an Energy Massage, take $10 off regular price of $80. Purchase two gift certificates and take an additional $10 off - thats a savings of $30.  An Energy Massage consists of a relaxing Swedish massage complemented with Reiki, Shiatsu, Qi Massage, Acupressure and/or Reflexology. 
Offer Expires: May 31, 2013 (may not be combined with other discounts)