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Trinity Tidings - August 2014

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August 2014

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Farewell to Canon Britt
Back to Church Sunday
NAMI- free class
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Dear Carol, 
Rector's Report for August 

As you know, Trinity Church is a supporter of the Charter for Compassion.  At the beginning of 2014, we launched the Charter for Compassion in Amador County through public forums and advertising.  The team is continually trying to search out new ways to make compassion the operating principle in our county.  So this fall, we are becoming an advocate for the upcoming Compassion Games.  The Compassion Games are designed to make our communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live.  All over the world, players will be called upon to perform acts of kindness and compassion in three areas:  compassion for others, compassion for our Earth, and compassion for ourselves.

While the "official games" begin on 9/11 and end on 9/21 (a day of peace), we decided that it would be a good idea for our parish to "train" for the games starting now.  To this end, we are challenging the folks at Trinity to record their acts of compassion and write them on a piece of paper to make a chain link.  By the time 9/21 arrives, it is our hope that the sanctuary will be filled with a paper chain reflecting our love and our commitment to the Christian way of life.

On a larger scale, the team is challenging other organizations in Amador County to "keep score" of their acts of compassion through volunteer hours and money donated.  It is a way to encourage generosity and kindness in order to develop sustainable and healthy communities.  So what specific acts of kindness and compassion might you take on each day?  Here are just a few ideas:

ACTS OF COMPASSION FOR ONE'S SELF:  Repeat some spiritual quotes on self-affirmation.  Go to bed early.  Have a nutritious meal.  Practice silence for 15 minutes.  Read an inspiring book.  Take a walk or ride into the countryside and note the beauty of creation. Spend time with a friend and simply enjoy one another's company.

ACTS OF COMPASSION FOR OTHERS:   Telephone someone who would really appreciate your call.  Listen respectfully to a differing opinion. List what you are grateful for and share it.   Call a mentor and say "thank you."   Pay it forward.  Give away something important to you.  Read to a child.  Let someone go in front of you.  Give a can of tuna to the food bank each week.

ACTS OF COMPASSION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT:  Pick up some litter in your neighborhood. Donate to a worthy cause that protects or enhances the environment.  Reduce the length of your shower.  Recycle as much as possible. Conserve air conditioning and heating.

The Compassion Games are coming to Amador County:  11 acts of kindness in 11 days.  And while the games officially begin on September 11th, make a commitment to take up the challenge.  It is all about the "survival of the kindest."  Make the Golden Rule a Golden Reality in your life.  If you would like a Compassionate Amador bumper sticker for your car, there are a few in the back of the church or you can call the office to reserve one.  If you would like a T-Shirt, let a team member know.  "It only takes a spark to get a fire going."  It only takes compassionate actions to change the world. 
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Karen Siegfriedt +

Photos of Life at Trinity:
Slideshow Viewing
Fireworks at Rector's House
Gathering Donations for Refugee ChildrenEvery year thousands of children flee violence and poverty in Central America and attempt to travel across Mexico to the U.S.  Last year's estimates of 25,000 have been doubled this year, with many thousands of the children, and some mothers with infants and toddlers now detained in holding facilities unable to adequately meet their needs. This humanitarian crisis is being addressed by a consortium of churches through Gamaliel, and other humanitarian groups which are gathering donations for these children and infants. Requested items including soft toys (stuffed animals), as well as puzzles, games and books in Spanish, diapers and packaged children's socks and underwear, and travel size toiletries can be dropped off at the Sacramento Central Labor Council, at 2840 El Centro Road, Suite 111 in Sacramento, or here locally can be given to Nora Coryell, phone 223-3322, to be picked up nextThursday, July 31st by Michelle Pariset of the newly formed Capital Region Organizing Project. Michelle can be reached at 916 716-1484.
Author/Speaker Joan Brock Coming to Trinity
Joan Brock is coming to Trinity Church on September 7th at 2pm.  She is a well-known author and speaker who brings hope and inspiration.  The entire Amador community will be invited to this forum.  So mark your calendars now.  
Save The Date: Farewell for Canon Britt 
As most of you probably know by now, Canon Britt will be leaving our diocese at the end of September in order to move with her husband Bryon to Seattle.  The Capital and Central deaneries are hosting a farewell dinner for Britt on Sundayevening September 14, starting at 5:30 p.m. at St. John's, Roseville.  The dinner will be potluck, and more details will be sent out later.  Mary Hustler, a member of the cathedral and of our Deanery Planning Group, has agreed to help coordinate the event.  If you would like to help with the event or have ideas for it, please contact Mary at or 916-715-6942 (cell). 
National Back to Church Sunday
Have you begun to think about who you are going to ask to come with you to church?  Don't forget it takes 7-9 times of asking before someone will actually accept an invitation to come to church.  This means we all need to begin now so that on September 21st you will have a guest with you to enjoy Trinity and share in our Pot Luck.  Watch for more upcoming videos to be shown by the Missio Team
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Amador
FREE 10 -week class for people with mental illnesses and disorders. The goal is to provide education about mental illness, emotional and practical support, independent problem solving and relapse prevention. You will gain knowledge and skills to cope more effectively with your personal diagnosis and recovery plans. Class begins Monday Aug. 11 thru Monday Oct. 2011am - 1pm, at Upcountry Community Center (19386 Hwy 88, Pine Grove, under the grocery store). Call 223-1485 x266 for more info.
Trinity Singers Rehearsals
All are invited to join the Trinity Singers/Worship Team! Rehearsals are the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 7PM. Bring your voices, your instruments, and a heart for worship and praise! For more information, please contact Carol Harper at916-595-1493 or email Web site:
August Birthdays
The following members of our church family are celebrating birthdays in August!
5th - Joy Blair 
6th- Rolly Matson 
10th Rosalie Escamilla 
10th Teddy West 
14th Noreen Lafferty 
   17th Alexis Lewis 

If you are celebrating a birthday in August, but you don't see your name listed here, please contact our Parish Administrative Asst.
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sophia’s Well of Wisdom launches Meditation Ministry with classes in Transformation Meditation

Sherrie Wade, Director of Transformation Meditation, Inc., recently awarded Sophia’s Well of Wisdom the designation of Transformation Meditation Center Service Provider. The award was received as a result of four SWOW meditation instructors completing the Meditation Teacher Training course: Patsy Walker Fine, Lynnea Honn, Margaret Lewis, and Patricia Green. These certified meditation instructors bring many years of various meditation experiences and are ready to share this simple but powerful meditation program to the public.

Transformation Meditation is a program developed by Wade, a licensed mental health counselor specializing in stress management and meditation. With a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a certified meditation instructor from the International Meditation Institute in the Himalayas, India, she has been teaching, developing and directing meditation programs since 1985.

There is now a large body of research that continues to demonstrate the efficacy of meditation to reduce stress, lower anxiety, support health, and attain calmness and inner peace. Transformation Meditation is developed from the most effective research-based meditation programs. It has proven to be one of the most successful methods of learning meditation. Easy to understand, it brings immediate results, and is sustainable for a long-term practice with accumulating benefits.

The Transformation Meditation Foundations level class is taught in five weekly sessions. Lynnea Honn will launch the first 5-week series of classes on Wednesday July 9 at 10am. The one and a half hour class will combine practice with essential information and motivational activities. Patricia Green will offer the first evening series of classes on Wednesday August 6 at 6pm.

The classes are $75 for the five sessions with scholarships and work-study available for those with economic needs. Later in the year an Intermediate level will be added for those who want more training.  

There are two opportunities for group practice: Sunday morning at 10am and Sunday evening at 5pm. Participants are guided through preparations for meditation and then meditate together for 20-30 minutes. The group meditations are led by the meditation instructors; donations to SWOW are appreciated.
Call Lynnea Honn, SWOW Meditation Ministry registrar, at 209-304-6174 to register for an upcoming class. Visit: for more information.

Sherrie Wade

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sophia's Well of Wisdom - July 2014

...from Sophia's Well of Wisdom
Dear Carol,

Summer Greetings to all! We celebrate our liberty and gratitude for the many blessings that we have, especially to worship and to consecrate our lives to our own inner awareness of God as we understand God. The challenge is ever present and we must remain vigilant to the little erosions and attempts to undermine this great liberty. Lady Liberty is a symbol of the greatness of any body of people who cherish freedom as everyone's basic right. Freedom is a great spiritual principal, one worthy of deep contemplation this month. According to the Yogic tradition, liberation is the goal of meditation and spiritual practice. Think on it!
Our Wisdom Circle theme this month is The History and Future of Oneness ThoughtThis Sunday we will explore the idea of oneness in the varied scriptures of ancient wisdom. What do these ancient sayings have to do with contemporary life? Later in the month, we will explore more deeply the Eastern and Western approaches to the concept of oneness, and then look toward what the future may look like from a oneness perspective. Join in the exploration on Sundays at 11am.

For those who want to empower their lives from the inside, there is no better way than with group meditation. Wisdom Meditation is offered every Sunday at 10am. We begin with some guided meditation, moving into silence for a time, then out again for intercessory prayer. Beginning onSunday July 13, an evening group practice will be added each week at 5pm. This practice is devoted to the Transformation Meditation technique that we teach at The Well. 

We have some great upcoming special events described below, but don't forget the regular weekly and monthly offerings: Women Writers at the Well on Mondays at 6pmA Course in Miraclesstudy group on Tuesdays at 7pmSacred Dance on Wednesdays (call for dates and times), and our monthly Self-Care Class on the third Saturday (usually) from 10am-12noon. This months class is on July 19 and will focus on Energy Work, healing our selves from inside out. 

Transformation Meditation Class to begin July 9 at 10am.

Lynnea Honn will lead The Foundations Level Transformation MeditationClass, a series of 5 weekly sessions beginning on Wednesday July 9 at 10am

Sophia's Well of Wisdom has been designated as a Center Service Provider for Transformation Meditation. Four teachers have gone through the Meditation Teacher Training program: Patsy Fine, Lynnea Honn, Margaret Lewis, and Patricia Green. As a Meditation Ministry Team, they will provide training in the simple, effective, research-based meditation practice called Transformation Meditation. 

The team is currently preparing to launch the Foundation Level Transformation Meditation training class to the public. A 5-week practice class held in June and July utilized a focus group to refine the curriculum and practice to ensure a quality experience for those taking the course. Lynnea will present the first day time class this month on July 9 at 10am and Patricia Green will present the first evening class on Wednesday August 6 at 6pm

The Meditation Team is also preparing to add a Sunday evening Group Transformation Meditation practice on July 13 at 5pm.  The Sunday morning Wisdom Meditation at 10am is an ongoing group meditation offered at the spiritual wellness center. An Intermediate Level class will be offered later in the year for those wanting more advanced training. 

For those with ample practice and experience in meditation, Rev. Patsy continues to offer an Advanced Meditation class with mentored independent study, seed-thought meditation, and a monthly group session. She also provides meditation therapy and spiritual direction. Contact Rev. Patsy directly for meditation practices for specific issues or for help with problems associated with your meditation practice. 

Lynnea has also agreed to serve as the Registrar for the open meditation classes. Call Lynnea at 209-304-6174 to register for a class or request information about upcoming classes. The cost of the five-week classes is $75 paid directly to the class teacher. Scholarships or work-study is available for those in need. 
Summer Weekend Workshop Coming in August: 

Oneness: Our Cosmic Connection
 April 16-17
10am - 4pm 
Marilyn Nutter is the featured presenter for Saturday August 16. Has our "cosmological imagination" shifted with the new era we are living in? What does it mean to think and live in alignment with the cosmos, our heaven and earth?  How do we integrate our current scientific understandings of the universal story with our faith and our self in relationship to our ever expanding universe? How do we keep from getting lost in the rapidly changing universal consciousness?

Activities for the day include a presentation that considers these questions and more, as well as time for meditation, reflection and sharing. In the afternoon session, Marilyn will host a showing of the Emmy award winning documentary featuring cosmologist Brian Swimmein Journey of the Universe: An Epic Story of Cosmic, Earth, and Human Milky WayTransformation. This will lead participants into the final activity of the day, a communal art project. Don't miss this chance to explore our cosmic connection in this new universal story.
Sunday's workshop begins with a study of The Cosmic Christ. Who and what is the "Cosmic Christ"? This term has been used by Matthew Fox, Richard Rohr, and a host of others in Esoteric Christianity and the Ageless Wisdom tradition. Rev. Patsy will host the morning activities with a showing of The Cosmic Christa talk by Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest. A panel will lead a discussion on the meaning of Christ from an interfaith, universal perspective. Meditation and music will be included in the morning activities. 
We are delighted to welcome Christine Manz with the Sacramento Dances of Universal Peace for the Sundayafternoon session. Christine will share about the origination of the Dances of Universal Peace, lead the participants in several dances, and include poetry and inspirational readings. This will be the cap on a wonderful workshop and spiritual weekend retreat. 

A light vegetarian lunch will be served both days; you may bring your own lunch if you have food restrictions. Water and tea are provided. Dress casually for comfort and bring a pillow if you want to soften your chair. Participants may come for one or both days, but must pre-register to ensure a place. Registration is limited to 16 participants. 
Call 209-418-9003 to pre-register for the calls. The workshop is by donation to Sophia's Well of Wisdom. The doors open and registration begins at 9:30am each day.

For those traveling or those wanting to make it a spiritual retreat, a great Days Inn is right across the street. Sutter Creek also has many fine Bed and Breakfast Inns nearby as well as being a nice tourist area with fabulous restaurants. Go to for information. 
Many people seem to be suffering from energy imbalances at this time. Instability and change in all arenas - our social institutions including religion, politics, economics, and climatic changes just to name the obvious -  are creating inner turmoil. Reiki healing touch and meditative massage and bodywork help to restore energetic balance and calm the nervous system. I'm offering a deep discount on Reiki treatment sessions this month. See the coupon below and call for a session this month.
Summer Blessings of Light and Love!

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine
Sophia's Well of Wisdom
Sophia's Well of Wisdom
270A Hanford Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
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