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Sophia's Well of Wisdom: The Well - June 2016

The Well ~ June 2016 News & Updates 
The Sophia Circle (our program advisory team) develops an annual theme with related monthly topics to focus our study and conversation toward continued progress on the Path of Soul. These topics are of an esoteric (inner) philosophical or psycho-spritual nature because the Path of Soul involves inner work including mediation and study and then outwork, service. 

The grand theme we have been studying for this year is Spiritual Healing and Wholeness and the subsequent monthly themes and weekly topics help develop the ideas and concepts for our inquiry.
The current topic for June is "Emotional Healing." July will be "Personality Integration"; August will be "Accepting the Laws of Rhythm and Balance"; and in September we'll look at"Suffering - The Law of Cause and Effect". These topics will help us better understand the complexity, processes, and commitments involved in our healing into wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.
One can receive the most out of the studies through regular weekly attendance. Although the concepts are not considered doctrine or the last word on the subject as in a religious sense, they do provoke thoughtful inquiry, reflection, and sometimes even challenge our minds to think beyond conventional thought. We strive to loosen the programmed concrete mind so that we can hear the intuitive whisper of the Soul calling us forward.
I'd like to remind you that if you miss the Wisdom Circle you can go to our website at and click on Wisdom Circle, then scroll down to the dates you missed and download the readings and supplemental handouts for that day's circle class.
The Wisdom Circle is offered to the spiritual community to support personal inner-faith spiritual development in a community of spiritual partners, not bound by religious or cultural ideology but by the "love of wisdom" that transcends conditioned thought. 

Sophia's Well is dedicated to the way of Spiritual Partnership where each person in the community is a responsible participant with their own inner authority for spiritual development rather than referring to and relying on a religious authority outside of themselves. 

Spiritual Partners are adults responsible for their own spiritual growth and development, but both receive and give support to others on the path. We invite all to join us who are ready to participate in a new kind of spiritual community based on co-operation and partnership focused on inner-faith (God-Within) and within an inter-spritual esoteric philosophy. 

I am available for a personal spiritual consultation for those who would like to discuss these ideas further.  

This month begins the Summer Season with the Summer Solstice on June 20th. We will celebrate it at the Sunday June 19th  Wisdom Circle. See the notice below and join us to celebrate all that the sunshine brings. I'm reminded of the Snatam Kaur song lyrics, "May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on." 

Summer Blessings, 
Rev. Patsy Walker Fine

Aquarian Rosary: The Joyful Mysteries

Rev. Tracy leads the Aquarian Rosary on the Saturday prior to the Solstice/Equinox. This Saturday June 18 at 9:30, she will lead the rosary meditation on the Joyful Mysteries. 

The Aquarian Rosary takes the practice of meditation with beads (rosary) and applies it to updated concepts in the Esoteric Christian tradition. If you have a rosary bring it otherwise you can use one provided. The Aquarian Rosary is a powerful meditation practice and service to humanity using the mantras in the book, Aquarian Rosary by the Rev. Carol E. Parrish-Harra. 

Bring a rosary if you have one; otherwise you can use one provided. 


This Sunday we will celebrate the Summer Solstice. Rev. Tracy Johnson, our Rituals Minister, will host the event along with a team of other participants. 

At the close of the celebration, we will have our monthly Full Moon Meditation (we usually have it at the beginning of the Wisdom Circle). This is the second Full Moon of Gemini and will include the second part of the meditation on the Gemini energies amplified at this time.
Join us for a delightful Summer Solstice Celebration honoring the joys of nature, light, and loving expressions. 
Coming Events!

The Soul and Its Creative Destiny
William Meader travels the world teaching the Ageless Wisdom (also known as esoteric philosophy) in contemporary terms. He will be coming to Sacramento in September and has agreed to stop by Sophia's Well  in Sutter Creek on Thursday September 8 to give a public talk on "The Soul and Its Creative Destiny" from6:30-8:30pm.

Circle the date on your calendar and don't miss this event. In his talk, William will reveal how to more effectively manifest the soul's creative intention in our lives.  Contact Patsy for more information (209-418-9003).

William will be in Sacramento on Saturday the 10th as well giving a workshop on Spiritual Initiation. You can look up details of both events and information about William on his website

Women & Spirituality: Breaking Barriers
As you know, we had to cancel this workshop planned in May. I am pleased to announce that the workshop is re-scheduled for October 7-8

Friday October 7 at 7pm is a Workshop Prelude with an introduction to the workshop by Rev. Patsy (Women's Destiny is World Destiny). The Workshop host Marilyn Nutter will introduce a video presentation with Sister Joan Chittister, "Women in the Abrahamic Tradition."

On Saturday October 8 from 10am - 4pm, the workshops hosts, Marilyn Nutter, Rev. Tracy Johnson, and Lynnea Honn will explore the Creative Feminine Principle and Women's Spirituality in the West through presentations, activities, and meditation.

Circle your calendar and pre-register for this grand event!

 (The picture above is by Nicholas Roerich, "She Who Leads".)
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