Saturday, February 25, 2017

"Understanding Islam" Series - March 8 - April 5

Compassionate Amador sponsors 5-week program on

Understanding Islam
Trinity Episcopal Church
430 Hwy 49, Sutter Creek, CA
Wednesday evenings, March 8 through April 5
From 6:45-8:00


March 8:  Understanding Islam (Part 1):  Focus on the early history of the faith, its pillars, and comparison to Christianity.
Guest Speaker: Pam Sharp Elshayeb

March 15: Understanding Islam (Part 2):  Focus on the Middle Ages, its customs, and mysticism. Guest Speaker: Amel Tafsout

March 22: Understanding Islam (Part 3):  Focus on Modern times, the Shiite-Sunni Struggle, Fundamentalism.

March 29:  Understanding the Koran and Islamic theology.  
Guest Speaker: Imam Kamran Islam

April 5:  Understanding the political situation in the Middle East; terrorism; Islam in America; Immigration Ban.
Guest Speaker-CAIR: Council on American-Islamic Relations

For more information, call Trinity at 209-267-0255.


  1. This does look very Informative.I would love to see this in Southern Oregon.

  2. I understand Islam and until there is reform in this religion and until sharia law is abolished there is no place for this religion in a free republic!!

  3. This is so important, especially in Amador County, where ignorance sometimes seems limitless.

  4. Cair supports Hamas a terrorist group. David Roethlisberger