Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4th Annual "Swing to End Hunger" Benefit Golf Tournament - Fri June 30


Raffle Prizes
Sponsorships Available!

or contact Beth Stanton 209-267-9006

Come Join the Fun and Help Fight Hunger
Proceeds Benefit the Interfaith Food Bank
your donation is tax deductible. Tax ID #68-0363653

Amador Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 596, 115 Main Street, Jackson, CA 95642

Friday, May 26, 2017

Mt. Zion e-Newsletter - May 26, 2017

The Mt. Zion Church eNewsletter!
“Power For Life – Part 2”
I was uncomfortable with the whole concept that I needed to have a spiritual experience. It made me feel a little bit unnerved, like "What are they going to make me do? What's going to happen here?" I pushed back on it and I began to just think, "I don't know if this whole thing that they're talking about is even biblical."

What I'm going to do for you today is I'm going to do the same thing that my pastor did for me. We're going to study the biblical passages about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and some of the related topics that you heard in the video talk about, like speaking in tongues.

We're going to look at what the Bible says about it, and then we'll let you react to what you've heard. We're going to study that together today. Let me take you to the first passage, one of the first passages he took me to was in Acts, chapter 8.

               Pastor Erik
This Week at Mt. Zion Church:


Pre-Service Prayer 9:00 – 9:45 AM
Please join us in the Sanctuary as we gather to pray before each service.

Adult Sunday School  @ 9:00 AM 
Join us in the Fellowship Hall for a six-week class called “Holy Spirit” by John Bevere. Ministry Leader — Bob Lyons 

Schedule Change!!!!
Thursdays - Intercessory Prayer @ 5:00 PM
Join in and take time to pray for our church, community and families! Each Thursday come with heart reaching for God.
Ministry Leader: Debbie Hansen

Family Night Wednesdays!!
Join us for Adult Bible Studies (In the Ministry House), ReConnect Pastor Erik and Debbie’s House),
Royal Rangers, and Girls Ministries! (In the Fellowship Hall
“Fearless” Student Ministries: Students grades 6th—12th grades meet in the modular building in lower parking lot.

All beginning at 7PM

Next Month at Mt Zion Church:

It's Spring-cleaning time again!
Daughters of the King are having their 2 annual multi family yard sale Fridayand Saturday, June 9-10th.  We will be renting spots to man your own yard sale, or you can donate your treasures for our ministry, we will be collecting items beginning May 28th on till time of event.  Any questions please contact; Rhonda (209) 418-8345, There will be a Student Ministries  car wash on Saturday the 10th.

Next Daughters of the King fellowship -
Tuesday June, 6th ministry house 6:30-8:30

E.P.I.C.S. Potluck Thursday, June 15th @ 6:30 PM
Join the over 55 er’s  for a great time of Fellowship!!! See Richard or LeAnn Stoltenburg for more information.

The Brotherhood Men’s Breakfast
Saturday, June 24th  @ 8AM
Join the Guys in the Fellowship Hall for a great time with the Guys!

Be A Part Of Children’s Ministry! 
JULY 9th Right after service we will have a Children’s Ministry Orientation and Training! If you are already serving or if you are just interested in serving in the Nursery, or Children’s Church, Come join us! Lunch will be provided!
Have you ever missed a sermon and wished you had some way to hear it? Do you have someone you want to share a Sunday message with? Good news, you can! Just visit our website or search for "Pastor Erik Hansen" in the iTunes store and download our free podcasts straight to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod! If you have questions or comments, contact the church office at (209) 296-5673 or email us at
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sophia's Well: At the Well - May 2017

Who will teach us to give birth to our souls, to be life-giving creative centers of energy instead of death-dealing centers of inertia?
--Camille Campbell, Meditations with Theresa of Avila
Dear Partners and Friends of the Well,

It's been quite a while since I've put out a newsletter, so I wanted to let you know that we are still in Sutter Creek and doing well in the first half of 2017. In fact, we have some exciting news and plans for the remainder of the year. 

We are very pleased to announce our renewed affiliation with the International Council of Community Churches as a Ministry Center. ICCC is a voluntary association of self-governing churches and ministry centers "committed to community, to diversity, and to living out our faith in service and love." Their affirmation of individual freedom of consciousness and their inclusive, ecumenical, and inter-faith approach to following Christ are in alignment with the values and philosophy of Sophia's Well. 

Whether you are a regular participant of the Sunday Wisdom Circle or come only occasionally for a special event, you are always welcome at the Well.

Rev. Patsy Walker Fine
Spiritual Director 

Featured Headline:
Going Deeper
by Patricia Green

At Sophia's Well, we strive to favor the higher impulses of soul over the lower drives of personality. We learn that spirit lives within all people and things, waiting to be fully expressed. Thus, we practice looking beyond the personalities of people and the surface of things to find the light that shines. 
In this strange and unprecedented socio-political time, many have fallen into despair, fearing a backward and dangerous trend that threatens our environment, civil rights, immigrant families, disarmament and peace, and our basic freedom to disagree with those in power without fear of revenge. It helps to remember a keynote of the esoteric philosophy... something deeper is going on beneath the surface. 

William Meader says that crisis is a prelude to spiritual transformation and that "the soul of humanity evolves through world crisis." Barbara Marx Hubbard speaks of "crisis" as the labor pains of birthing something new and beautiful into being. Humanity appears to be struggling but, in the deep, it is evolving to a higher expression. Let us all remember to look within ourselves, our country, and the world to find what is most beautiful and needed. 

Richard Rohr says that we advance along the spiritual path in a particular pattern; three steps forward and two steps back, always with a net gain forward. We can take comfort in knowing that when we seem to be in backward movement, something good is gestating and gaining momentum. Behind it all, the soul of America is evolving and seeking to express its highest truth. We support this evolutionary process by living our own highest ideals. 

At Sophia's Well, we learn the value of meditation, study, and service as a life practice. One simple and creative exercise that conditions us to go deeper is to look deeply into words. Take a moment to center and relax. Think of a word, consider its meaning and using the individual letters of the word, make other words. It is surprising how quickly other words present which when strung together offer an insightful glimpse into the deeper meaning of the original word. Here are a few examples: 

W O R D             Wisdom opens real dialogue 

S O U L               Sounds of unheard lullabies 

W I S D O M       With in-sight, deep openings materialize 

H E A R T           Honesty evokes all righteous truth 

L I G H T             Living information gives hopeful transformation 

S T A R               Shimmering twinkles abound resplendent

The Sunday Wisdom Circle is a place to gather together for those who want to deepen their Soul Journey through the spiritual practices of meditation, study, and service. We meet at 10am for about two hours. We are an inter-spiritual and inclusive group of spiritual partners, so all are welcome!
William Meader returns to Sutter Creek 
June 22 
6:30-8:30 pm. 
"The Cry of Humanity"

Whether we consider the horrifying events transpiring in the Middle East, the devastating refugee crisis in Europe, or the unprecedented political events that have recently transpired in the United States and abroad, humanity is facing a global crisis of unparalleled proportions.

Yet, when such events are examined from a spiritual perspective, it becomes clear that we are witnessing the prelude to a great initiatory opportunity facing the human family. Indeed, it is a period when the Soul of Humanity is seeking to shape outer events in support of an emerging era of human betterment and prosperity. In this presentation, the nature of crisis will be examined (individually, nationally and globally), and how it relates to the emergence of the Soul of Humanity. 

Cost: By donation. For more information go to
and click on events or contact Rev. Patsy at 209-418-9003.

William will also present a full day workshop in Sacramento on Saturday June 24 from 9am to 5pmon "The Seven Rays - 
An Adventure in Self Discovery".

According to the Ageless Wisdom, all of creation comes into being through the interaction of seven great streams of living energy (rays). These rays condition all life upon our planet and every human being is subject to their influence. 

An understanding of the seven rays is crucial, for it is said that every human soul is found upon one of them. There are, therefore, seven types of souls in the world today, and to know your Soul Ray is to gain profound insight into your spiritual purpose. Join other seekers in their quest for greater self-understanding and insight through the Science of the Seven Rays. 

In this day-long workshop you will:
  • Discover the unique ray nature of your soul, and the divine purpose it seeks to express; 
  • Ascertain the key to your spiritual transformation by understanding the relationship existing between your Soul Ray and Personality Ray; 
  • Discover your Personal Ray Formula through a comprehensive ray assessment and interpretation (Questionnaire used: Seven Ray Inventory); 
  • Learn how to relate more effectively with other people by considering their distinctive ray patterns. 
Cost: $85 William will also provide Astrological readings in Sacramento on Sunday 6/25. Visit William's website at
For more information or to register, contact Brenda Kress at 916-479-4664, or email

Service Spotlight in June

Sophia's Well is a spiritual learning community. Our service work is to offer education and healing ministries for spiritual growth and development. 

The topic for June's Wisdom Circle is "From Limited Consciousness to Group Consciousness". Rev. Patsy will try to unpack this expansive evolutionary spiraling process of human development in the first three Sundays in June. 

Rev. Tracy Johnson will host the fourth Sunday in a Celebration of the Summer Solstice

The monthly EduCare Movie Night on Friday June 30th at 6pm will continue the Gail TV series on Yogic Paths

There is no cost to sacred education events at the Well. Donations are gladly received and appreciated. For more information about our community, our spiritual philosophy, and our weekly services visit our website at 
270A Hanford Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
 Phone: 209-418-9003 
Sophia's Well, 270A Hanford Street, Sutter Creek, CA 95685