Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Iconographer to discuss frescos at St. Sava Jackson - Sat Feb 24

Ever wonder what’s inside the little white church surrounded by tombstones you see coming down the hill into Jackson? Want to meet a modern-day Michelangelo? Here’s your opportunity!

Serbia’s Miloje Milinkovic,painter (writer) of the St. Sava’s icons and frescoes will visit the church located at 724 N. Main Street to answer your questions about this sacred and historic art Saturday, February 24 at 4:30 pm.

Milinkovic will discuss the customs of the Serbo-Byzantine style of his work inside the church which taking nearly 13 years to complete. Residing in Belgrade his frescos adorn churches throughout the U.S., Serbia, Canada, Greece, and Switzerland and he continues in the creation of this traditional and sacred art form today.

For more information visit <www.facebook.com/StSavaJackson> or email langier@volcano.net.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Trinity Tidings - Feb 2018

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Trinity Tidings
The E Newsletter of Trinity Episcopal Church, Sutter Creek
February 2018

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Interim's Report
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Sr. Warden's Report
Trinity Pancake Supper
Lenten Soup Suppers
Lenten Study Series
Food Bank Donations
Trinity Singers Rehearsals
Birthdays this month
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Dear Carol, 
Interim's Report for February
For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. (2 Corinthians 5:20, NRSV)

Dear friends,

The busiest time of the church year begins with Lent. There is a good reason for this. Lent was the season when people studied and prepared for baptism, which was done once per year at the Easter Vigil. That practice, as with many other practices, devolved during the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, the season of study became one of penitence, instead. Also, fasting and self-denial was a focus. Understand that this was also a time of high illiteracy, not only of the people but also of the clergy. It seemed the church wanted to keep things simple. This only applied to the western or Latin church as the eastern or Greek church continued the earlier traditions and they did not plunge into the Dark Ages.

During the twentieth century, a liturgical movement was taking place with the discoveries of ancient documents describing early Christian worship. This spurred Vatican II and changes in the Episcopal Church among others. Though Lent continues to be a time of self-reflection and penitence, a re-capturing of a season of study and self-improvement was added to the season. All of this combines to kick off our busy season, which intensifies during Holy Week, the last week of Lent.

There is a study opportunity at Trinity during Lent about Anglicanism. There is separate article in the newsletter about that. The Episcopal Church USA (because there are other Episcopal Churches) is the American branch of the Anglican Communion, the third largest Christian church in the world. There are some churches in this country who call themselves Anglican Churches, but they are not in the Anglican Communion and are likely guilty of false advertising. The study of Anglicanism will follow the Lenten Soup Suppers on Wednesday evenings.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday when we are reminded of our sins and our mortality. We also give thanks for Jesus' atoning sacrifice. During Lent we can reflect on what it would take to be a better Christian, always keeping Jesus and the gospel in mind. 

Fr. Craig Kuehn+
Did You Know?
-Februrary 3, 9:30am: Health Ministries meeting in Jane's Hall.

-February 13 is Shrove Tuesday. Join us from 4:30-6:30pm in Jane's Hall for for delicious pancakes, sausage and fruit.

-February 14 is Ash Wednesday. There will be two services at Trinity at noon and 6pm. We hope you can attend.

-February 17, 11am will be a memorial service for Rolly Matson at Trinity.

-Soup suppers begin each Wednesday at 6pm starting Feb. 21 thru Mar. 21. See article in this newsletter for more details.

-Feb. Sat. 24th, 10:00 a.m. Amador City Hike.   
Let's hike the Amador City Creek Rd. Meet in the parking lot across from  Andrae's Bakery at 10:00 a.m. We will follow the creekside road (easy walking) for 2 to 4 miles. Wear sturdy shoes due to some seasonal wet crossings. Afterwards, we can stop at Andrae's Bakery for some well deserved treats!  Questions? Contact Anne-Marie Reber. 
Senior Warden's Report
By Margaret Lewis

I write this report at the end of what was a very busy few days for Trinity.  On Friday we celebrated the life of Jim Tscharner and were reminded  of God's grace during our life on earth and the promise of our eternal life in Christ. It was, just as Shirley requested, a celebration!
On Saturday many of us got together and were able to explore the local beauty of the Kennedy mine trail; a time of fun, fellowship and beautiful skies. 
To complete the weekend we had our annual meeting with lots of discussion about the future of Trinity and the ways that we might configure our time for worship together.  Afterward we had our first Vestry meeting of the year. Martin Hopper was elected the new Junior Warden, Lori Jo Leed agreed to continue serving as clerk, and Carol Holt agreed to continue serving as treasurer. These roles are critical and we are grateful for the ministry of those who step forward to serve in these capacities!
At this point in our visioning the future it is important that we begin to imagine how we will live out Christ's call to us in the world around us. Trinity is not only a church of Sunday worship but a beacon of light in the community. Social justice, feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoner, reaching out to the widows and orphans are all things that Trinity has always done and hopefully will continue to do far into the future. Let us begin together to imagine how those things will continue and how we might each serve in some capacity to ensure that they do.
As always, let's also keep in mind that our new Priest is moving around in the world and perhaps even beginning to discern a call to a new ministry.  Let us focus our prayers on ensuring that we're paying attention as well so that we recognize when and where God is calling.
Trinity Pancake Supper
Come one, come all to the Trinity Pancake Supper to be held on Shrove Tuesday, February 13.  Delicious pancakes, sausage, and fresh fruit salad will be served in Jane's Hall from 4:30-6:30pm.  Far back in time, Shrove Tuesday was the day that people were "shriven"- their sins were forgiven.  They used up the last of their eggs and fats in preparation for Lenten fasting.  Pancakes were the perfect way to use these items up- thus, the tradition of the pancake supper evolved.
Lenten Soup Suppers
YOU ARE INVITED to join us at Trinity Episcopal Church for our Wednesday night SOUP SUPPERS program, discussion and fellowship, each Wednesday from February 21 through March 21; in the parish hall, from 6 to 8pm. 

Following soup, there will be a study of Anglicanism (see next article for details.) 

Soup sign-up sheets are available in the back of the church. For more information call 267-0255.  See you there!
Anglicanism Lenten Study Series
After our Lenten soup suppers, there will be an opportunity to learn more about Anglicanism. The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion and our heritage is in Anglicanism. Anglicanism is a broad term that explains who we are by the events and thinkers who shaped Anglicanism. This was centered in Britain and exported to the American colonies by England and the English Church.

There will be five parts to the series beginning February 21. The following titles are tentative. Part 1 (Feb. 21) is Setting the Stage. This will focus on the past events in Britain that shaped structure, thought, and spirituality that led to the English Reformation. (Hint: Henry VIII did not start the Church of England.)

Part 2 (Feb. 28) is Authority and Method. Elizabeth I set the structure for Anglicanism but it was Richard Hooker who gave it a theology. Part 3 (Mar. 7) is Anglican standards, Prayer books, The Articles of Religion, Catechisms, Lex Orandi- Lex Credendi, Canon Law. Part 4 (Mar. 14) is Sacraments and Ministry. Part 5 (Mar. 21) will be about Anglicanism in Practice: spirituality, morality, sociology, missions, Anglican Communion.
Food Bank Donations
Food gifts for January totaled 147 pounds. 

Thank you for your generous support of this special ministry.
Trinity Singers Rehearsals
All are invited to join the Trinity Singers/Worship Team! Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7pm. Bring your voices, your instruments, and a heart for worship and praise! For more information, please contact Deena Holland at 209-296-6616 or email deenaholland@hotmail.com.
February Birthdays
The following members of our church family are celebrating birthdays in February!
11th- Gloria Tam
14th- Julie Mathis
17th- Jeri Miller
                               26th- Barbara Wells
   27th- Shannan Yount

If you are celebrating a birthday in February, but you don't see your name listed here, please contact our Parish Administrative Asst.
Would You Like to Contribute to the Newsletter?
If you have an article of interest to the congregation that you would like included in the newsletter, please email it to the office, office@trinitysuttercreek.org by the 20th of the month. It will be included in the next month's newsletter.
Trinity Episcopal Church, 430 N Hwy 49, Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Mother Lode Jewish Community’s Purim & Passover Gatherings - Feb 28, Mar 3 & 31

The Mother Lode Jewish Community will have a number of events in late February & March: a Hamentashen Baking gathering on Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 28; a Purim Party - with an “Out of This World/Space Traveler” theme, scheduled for Saturday evening, March 3, both of which are in Murphys; and a Passover Seder scheduled for Saturday evening, March 31 in Sonora.  There will also be several preparation gatherings tied to the Passover event.

Purim, The story of Esther and Hamen
Purim is a festive Jewish Holiday that commemorates the defeat of Haman's plot to massacre the Jews as recorded in the book of Esther.  The MLJC’s annual Purim Party is a potluck dinner affair for the entire family, from 6 to 10 pm, with live music and a chance to participate in, or enjoy the antics of, the MLJC Thespians …as well as eat lots ‘n lots of Hamentashen!  Attendees are encouraged to come as their favorite space traveler.

For those who love to bake or want to learn how to make those yummy triangular shaped, filled cookies known as Hamentashen, the baking get-to-gether a few days before the party is a fun afternoon event.

Passover - Moses, Plagues and the Parting of the Red Sea
Passover is considered a “major” Jewish holiday, an important spring festival that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.  The MLJC’s Seder will be held in Sonora beginning at 5 pm on the second night of this week-long holiday, Saturday, March 31st.  Rabbi Andra Greenwald will conduct the Seder followed by a traditional Passover meal.   There are several gatherings in the weeks leading up to the holiday where some of these traditional dishes are prepared.

For more information about any of these gatherings, call 209-533-1650, email: motherlodejc@yahoo.com or check out the MLJC’s website at motherlodejewishcommunity.org.  There is no charge for the Hamentashen or Purim events, both are potluck affairs; rates and registration deadlines for the catered Passover Dinner are posted online, along with optional online registration and information where you can mail a check.
The MLJC’s mission is to provide opportunities and events that nurture a vibrant and enduring Jewish identity, culture and community in the Mother Lode, drawing its members from Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa and Tuolumne counties.  New members and guests are welcome.  We’ve been growing in recent years. Come check out why!